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What Is Jesus Text Me?

Jesus Text Me reminds you how much Jesus loves you, and that He always wants to hear from you. Think about how great you feel when you receive a loving text from your husband, brother, father or friend. That is what Jesus Text Me is intended to do for you, only using everyday language based on what the Bible says that Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit feel about us, want to say to us, and want to do for us. By spending more time meditating on God's thoughts, your mind will be renewed and you will be transformed into His image. (Rom 12:2)

Jesus Text Me will send you 3 messages a day via text or our apps, and you select the time periods to receive the texts. You can receive texts randomly selected from all of the messages, or choose particular categories. You can even add your own messages to be sent to you, such as certain scriptures or truths that mean a lot to you. You can also offer to share messages you create with other members.

Register now. You just need a valid mobile phone number or email, because you will be sent a confirmation link to activate your membership. Any questions, go to our Contact Us form.

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