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jesus (04/24/2020 11:33:31)

I love you Jesus (03/30/2020 13:22:36)

Thanks Jesus Christ (03/30/2020 13:22:36)

Dear lord, I would like u to make a watch show up on my wrist that has a button labeled bird and another button labeled human. I want to be a blue jay, sparrow or a crow. I want it to show up today. Thank you for everything (03/28/2020 14:42:06)

dear lord, thank you for everything, thank you for another day. pleaae keep me and my family safe and away from harm and coronavirus. i pray lord that you end this virus. i know you love us and you will protect us against this virus. lord forgive us. please lead us all to you everyday. i love you (03/15/2020 19:49:16)

Dear Lord, Give me strength to forgive the mistress who has destroyed my family all because she thinks she can heal a meth addict. (03/15/2020 19:49:16)

dear lord, please blessed my plans and goals. please help me pay my debts. please help me put up The church for you. all i want to do is serve you for my remaining days. lord have mercy. please bless our plans. please help us start the bicol this week. lord please help us get the financer this week. im begging you lord. please help. have mercy lord. have mercy. please help us. please help us (03/15/2020 19:49:16)

Dear lord please pray for me I do not now what go on my life the devil is messed my life up started today lord plz pray for me (03/05/2020 12:52:39)

Dear lord, thank you for everything you have don’t and continue to do in my life. I pray that you protect to only me and my kin but also my enemies. I pray that you forgive me for my sins and allow me to grow in to the person I am meant to be for you. Amen. (02/27/2020 10:32:04)

Dear lord thank you for your love (02/10/2020 15:21:26)

Dear lord please protect my son and i from harms way. I believe in you lord 🙏🏼 (01/23/2020 11:26:55)

Dear lord please protect my son and i from harms way. I believe in you lord 🙏🏼 (01/23/2020 11:26:55)

He loves you and put you on this ear th for a purpose (01/05/2020 16:32:37)

don’t give up! God is with you always! (01/05/2020 16:31:56)

Love Jesus (11/04/2019 06:53:06)

Dear Lord, Today I pray for nourished faith that regardless of the circumstance; I have the guts to hang tight, be solid, & trust You for my good. Remind me that You work in mysterious ways. If I lose what I never expected, You can replace it with what I never envisioned. Amen -noelee (11/03/2019 14:57:37)

yeet ! (09/26/2019 13:44:46)

This is great ! (09/26/2019 13:44:46)

Jesus texting app its so great, I'm so greatful to come across this app i loving it marking me to know God more and more and also trying hard to do the right thing. (07/07/2019 13:24:18)

A text message from Jesus is what I need everyday for my daily walk and take on this world ! (07/07/2019 13:24:18)

God revealed my spouse is having an affair and these text from Jesus are right on time. God is Faithful. (04/15/2019 18:40:13)

This text is a reminder that Jesus is with me always. It always makes me feel loved and reminds me that I'm never really alone. When there's a technical problem and its delayed (which hasn't happened much), I get scared that it will be permanent but it always comes back. I've come to depend on it and even feel that its Him picking me up when I need it, encouraging me and always loving me. And I guess it is Jesus - working through the people who do this - to show us He is always here with us. Can't thank you enough for this!! (04/06/2019 15:08:48)

It's awsome! Has greatly blessed me (03/27/2019 15:23:06)

This Jesus text me blessed me daily (03/25/2019 11:03:35)

I love when i read the text, and it is exactly what i needed to hear. Uplifting and encouraging. (03/25/2019 10:26:39)

I love this app it's really encouraging to read and I'm thankful for the word of God (03/25/2019 10:26:39)

I love these messages. They are always right on time. (03/25/2019 10:26:39)

I love this app cause I learn alot from it but also cause theres not a day that I'm facing a trial and the messages are for that trial and it has me in PEACE that my Lord is always workin on mines and my families lives.Thank U Lord. (03/25/2019 10:26:39)

I love this app it help me alot knowing God word and also stay focused, I really impressed . (03/25/2019 10:26:39)

I enjoy this site so much. It encourages me to live a better Christian life. (03/25/2019 10:26:39)

It's amazing how the texts show up at the right time and are so true to the moment. (03/25/2019 10:26:39)

Helps me to stay in the word and trust the promises of God (03/24/2019 22:42:41)

I love these messages. It helps me feel like something Jesus would actually say along with the messages being straight from the bible. It feels personal. Again, I love it! (03/24/2019 22:42:41)

Messages keep me focused on Jesus. Always on time with words and scriptures I need in my life. I am so happy I found this app! I love getting theses everyday!! Helps remember God is all I need! He is my steadfast Love!! (03/24/2019 22:42:41)

I have been spoken to in many ways. Songs, clouds, people, but this has spoken to me in a different way. I started to lose my way and made a lot of mistakes because I didn't think he cared for me anymore but this showed me I was wrong. Every day I get a text from Jesus that has to do directly with my life. He speaks to me and tells me if what I'm doing is wrong or if I need to do something to help someone else. He saved me from my failures. That doesn't mean I'm perfect though. Only God, our Lord and Savior, is perfect, but through him I become clean. I hope whoever uses this will get the same effect on them as it had on me. I thank you Jesus. Amen. (03/24/2019 22:42:41)

The messages I receive confirms the prayers I prayed for yesterday will come to me the next day in Jesus Text Me. In the time We live in, we must keep the faith in God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. I will always have trust and hope in God because I believe in the birth of Christ by a virgin and Christ resurrection after death by God our Holy Father. I received Jesus Christ into my heart as my Lord and Savior. Thank You Jesus for your shed blood on the cross for all my sins. Amen (03/24/2019 22:42:41)

I love these messages, they help me to stay close to Jesus, over a yr ago I was freed from the bondage of drugs and alcohol, these messages help me keep a strong relationship with God! Thanks (03/22/2019 23:40:22)

I write one down everyday as my Anchor. Thank y'all! (03/22/2019 09:39:51)

It has been a blessing! Makes me feel less alone. (03/22/2019 09:39:27)

I truly love this app. It's been nothing but a blessing. The messages always come when I need them and speak towards what I'm going through and what I'm dealing with every single day. (02/28/2018 10:31:34)

My days become better .. I was hurt about a relationship that didn't worked. Then I decided to give a time with my social medias,and seek more the Lord, knowing that He is my first Love and everything that I need, the reason of my life. I deleted all my apps and find this one. I feel the care of the Lord in every text i receive, and I literally smile when I saw a notification at my phone about a new message. It's remember me that Jesus is thinking about me, and make me spend a little time, during ali my day to talk with Him, and learn about His words. Thank God for this app, May Him bless u all.. I'M só greatiful! (02/28/2018 10:31:34)

Having trouble being disciplined about getting into God's word? Think of it, you have no problem with running to your phone when you get a text from your best friend or your love. You love to hear from them. Challenge yourself to run to check your text and see what Jesus has to say. Is He not more important or dear to He not above all else? (02/28/2018 10:31:34)

This app is a blessing because my behavior is usually falling short when I receive a text from my savior. (02/27/2018 09:57:11)

I love this app the words are very encouraging and keeps me with an positive attitude (02/27/2018 09:57:11)

This is the one app on my phone that gives to me more than I give to it. It's also really cool to see the ladies face in the nail shop when they ask who was that and i say Jesus just sent me a txt. I love it. THANK YOU (02/26/2018 22:27:03)

God has spoke to me so many times and I can honestly say, he answered something I had questions about for a long time. Thank you my lord, I will never doubt you and pray that you always have me in your hands. AMEN ! (02/26/2018 22:27:03)

I am going through a very difficult time in my life and this app has blessed me greatly. May God bless you for this wonderful resource! It is greatly needed! (11/21/2017 17:29:50)

This is a real eye opener..loving this app already ❤️ (11/21/2017 17:26:03)

I am going through an extremely difficult time in my life and I am striving to be obedient to God regardless of my circumstances. There are many days I want to give up and then I get these messages that encourage me and I know God is there to help me and He's telling me to keep doing things His way. May He bless you for this app and these messages! They are certainly blessing me! (10/27/2017 21:39:28)

These messages come at the most important times for me, and I am sure I speak for so many others. (09/29/2017 08:11:26)

I look forward to these emails everyday. (09/14/2017 12:39:13)

It has been amazing getting these text messages. Thank you (09/14/2017 08:44:13)

They are very inspirational and I feel they are from Jesus directly speaking to me. (09/14/2017 08:44:13)

These messages are a true blessing to me. They come at the perfect time. They speak to me deeply. They are changing my life. It really is like Jesus is texting me. I feel like He is always near me when im going through something or about to do something im not supposed to do. Thank you for the brilliant idea. It truly is doing wonders in my walk with the Lord. (07/11/2017 09:13:08)

I love these messages. They truly encourage me. (07/08/2017 20:50:39)

I love this app the messages always come when I need them most. I'm glad that I found this app. (07/03/2017 19:48:35)

Love this app! Reminds me God is always with me and will never leave me. The right words for whatever is going on, whether encouragement, promises or even correction, are always timely and on point. Jesus really "talks" to me through this app. Look forward to each and every one! (07/03/2017 10:57:35)

I love this app. I smile when I get that text. Makes your day. Lifts you up throughout the day. I look forward for my text everyday. God is thinking of you and you thinking of God. ❤️ (06/13/2017 12:21:38)

I love this app because whenever I feel like I'm in trouble I know God is there to help me move forward in life. (05/04/2017 15:58:07)

It helps me understand what Jesus says better, (04/15/2017 15:56:52)

I love this app.. it's like getting a text from Jesus himself.. sometimes some of the texts know what is going on in my life.. sending a message from heaven just at the right time.. when that happens I'm so amazed.. I tell almost everybody about this app.. thanks guys.. your like a blessing to my soul.. may God bless you greatly 💜👍 (04/15/2017 01:02:48)

It puts such a smile on my face when I see I have a text from Jesus!!! (04/13/2017 11:43:22)

I'm loving the app. It has helped me to keep my eyes and mind on God. Continue to do this app. I look forward to getting my text messages all day everyday (04/13/2017 08:47:43)

I shouldn't have to be reminded to talk to God, but I always need His help! I look forward to reading His word daily (03/05/2017 13:59:03)

This is an app I'll continue to use. It helps me to remember to thank God throughout the day. (01/05/2017 09:20:15)

Great app, I love how it texts me and i saved the email under Jesus so it looks like Jesus is really texting me♡ (10/31/2016 18:52:06)

This app is great! I recieve a hundred useless texts each day and this one always grounds me in what is important! (10/31/2016 18:48:48)

I'm loving the app. It has helped me to keep my eyes and mind on God. Continue to do this app. I look forward to getting my text messages all day everyday. (10/31/2016 18:48:48)

I got this app in hopes that it would help me get closer to God. But now I'm sharing it with others. Thank you for creating this great and amazing app. (09/02/2016 11:15:39)

I love to get text messages from Jesus. They lift my spirit all through the day. They energize me when I'm at work. (08/26/2016 23:36:24)

When I get the texts throughout my day and I know the words are from Gods word, it reminds me how near He really is and it feels like a friendship. They make my days (08/25/2016 11:52:16)

This is a wonderful way to start my day. Absolutely love this (08/25/2016 10:17:19)

I truly love this app, its helped me so much Just letting me know everyday, it's awesome..... (08/25/2016 09:40:36)

I need something special from Jesus so he the text me every day. He always has something to say to lift me up all through the day. At night just before I go to sleep he whispers to me and says something especially for me. (08/24/2016 07:55:48)

Jesus Text Me is one of the best tools I have found for "practicing the presence of Jesus" all throughout the day. No matter how busy your day is, the Lord speaks so much encouragement and wisdom into your heart through these Scripture-based texts, so that His disciples can be the heart, hands, and feet of Jesus in the marketplace and everyplace! (06/07/2016 13:32:25)

Jesus Text has been a blessing to me already. When that text comes in, it reminds me that he is always thinking of me. I am very busy all day and it allows me to stop and praise his Name. (05/20/2016 14:32:34)

I absolutely LOVE Jesus Text Me.. So many times throughout the day/weeks I get discouraged, overwhelmed, exhausted of giving my all and have nothing reciprocated as I had hoped. I'm at my wits end then what happens????? Jesus Text Me!! It always seems to come right on time with just the right message. Almost a little strange thinking someone is in my head.. One thing I am certain, God has never given up on me and has a purpose for my life. My Jesus Text Me helps keep me on the right path. Thank you so much Penny for the amazing creation of this feature!!!! (05/12/2016 22:59:19)

Hi Guys, if you really want a pick me up for the day download this app to your phone you will receive 3 text messages with scriptures throughout the day. It is awesome, and it makes my day. You know the Holy Spirit makes sure it is something you need to hear or read!! (05/04/2016 19:01:07)

My problem is that I get in a rush and try to get ahead of God too often. I have my own ideas of how and when things should work out. Just when I'm tempted to stress about something, I get a message from Jesus talking about trusting his timing and not going around Him to get what I want apart from him! The messages help me in such a PRACTICAL way, and help me remember to trust Him. I'm very thankful for these messages! (04/21/2016 13:58:25)

Jesus Text Me has been such a blessing to me! Receiving messages throughout the day that contain such substance and truth is powerful. I really love that Jesus Text Me comes in at times of the day when I can be going through something wonderful or even difficult as the messages are always encouraging and lift my spirit. Thanks to the Jesus Text Me team for sharing God's Word in such a neat way! (04/21/2016 13:58:25)

These texts have so encouraged me especially when life seems to come crashing down around me. I would get a text from Jesus saying he is w/ me and words of life would be right there when I needed them the most. This tool is a gift and more valuable than precious stones. Heaven and earth will pass away but the Word of God will last forever. Thank you for Jesus text me, the highlight of cellular technology!!! (04/20/2016 22:56:52)

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